Men really matter

Men really matter

Book review by Tom Ryerson
February 18, 2011

The Power of a Man: Using Your Influence as a Man of Character by Rick Johnson. Revell / Baker Publishing Group, 2009. 205 pp.

Rick Johnson grew up with an abusive, alcoholic step-father, and as a young adult he found himself involved in a variety of self-destructive habits and behaviors as he angrily attempted to discover and prove himself. God changed his life however, and in 2001 he felt led to begin a ministry called Better Dads and he now writes and speaks to audiences of all types including churches, prisons, and single mothers.

In The Power of a Man, Mr. Johnson honestly and directly tells men that being a man of character makes a difference in the world. “Don’t let anyone tell you or make you think that you are not valuable,” he writes. “You are so valuable that people die without your leadership. What you do or don’t do affects many lives for hundreds of years.”

The Power of a Man is written from a Christian point of view, but the author’s approach is accessible for any average guy in need of inspiration and instruction. Essential themes come through clearly such as the importance of being a role model for others, taking an active interest in others, standing for what is right both in word and deed, and living for something bigger than oneself. Mr. Johnson has good basic reminders on the fundamentals for husbands and fathers, and he includes many anecdotes to illustrate the difference men make.

Information on Mr. Johnson’s ministry is available at

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  1. Jo (from HSA) says:

    This looks like an interesting book. I’ll have to see if I can get a hold of it for my brother, who will be 18 this year. He’s been doing a lot of raging lately, and thinks it is no big deal. I’ve been trying to get him to see that his example to his younger siblings and my two children has a bigger reach than he realizes.

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