Photos of Israel’s nuclear weapons production

Photos of Israel’s nuclear weapons production

Book review by Tom Ryerson
January 29, 2012

Triple Cross: Israel, the Atomic Bomb & the Man Who Spilled the Secrets by Louis Toscano. Birch Lane Press / Carol Publishing Group, 1990. 321 pp.

This current events inside scoop from 1990 was written by a veteran journalist of United Press International to tell the how and why behind the man who in 1986 leaked photographs of Israel’s nuclear weapons program. In 1985, Mordechai Vanunu had been working at the Dimona plant for eight years when he decided he could no longer stomach the state of things in Israel because of his increasingly pro-Arab views. On the way out, he took some pictures, not sure exactly what he would do with them. Months later, Mr. Vanunu permitted his photographs to be published by the Sunday Times of London along with an account of his story. He was subsequently kidnapped by Israeli intelligence and transported back to Israel for a secret trial and sentencing. Mr.Toscano notes that it was later found that the Israeli government became aware of the pictures at the highest level of government, and still permitted them to be published.

Though he did not interview Mr. Vanunu for this book, Mr. Toscano notes that he interviewed more than 120 people for the report. Triple Cross is an intriguing and compelling tale of the intersections of religious, political, and economic philosophies along with personal backgrounds, families, life struggles, and accidents of history.

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